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February 22, 2009



If it's any consolation, George has matured tremendously in the past year, especially in the impulsive acting out he shares with Aidan. So you might see the same thing soon. At the same time, I think coping with frustration is a skill that can be learned, and if you find someone who can teach it well, let us know!


I say this in all seriousness and not paranoid but you really should get him tested for celiac. Esp if it seems like you can't do anything about his behavior. He might not be able to control it if he is celiac. Dave is EXACTLY like that yelly bratty doesnt listen if he has any gluten. Its scary and weird. he was disgnosed as ADD and guess what ritalin had wheat in it and it made him more of a brat.

Freelance Mama

Thanks, Cynthia and Hillary. Hillary, I have definitely thought about some type of food allergy. When Aidan was 2, we tried the Feingold Diet for several months, which eliminates all salicylic acid and artificial colors/preservatives. Many of the ADHD moms swore by it, and many of them also had their kids on gluten free diets, as well. It sounds lazy, but I'd love to just take him to the doc to get a definitive test b/c trying to guess at allergies by eliminating foods and making sure no offenders slip through sounds like such a pain! I'll be okay with following through if allergies end up being the case, though. I need to schedule an appt. for him anyway, so I'll check.


You and Whiskey Reindeer should have a drink sometime. There may be some manly magazines in it for you ;)


((hugs)) Sounds like you have a lot going on. Good luck with that contract stuff and I'm glad you get a month of DH/Daddy time.

I hope Taekwondo gives Aidan a positive outlet. I think 7 and half sucks all around. We've been having some issues with this age too. :P


so sorry you are having a rough time. please call if you need to chat. ever.

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