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I'm a 30-ish mother of two boys. After 7 years at home, I'm about to start teaching English again. I have very limited time, but I always have the desire to capture various pieces of my life in writing.

I've been an office temp, an English teacher, a prom sponsor, a Christian wannabe do-gooder, a homebirther, a flag girl, a poet, a club dancer, a Little Caesar's pizza maker, an Iraq vet's sister. More recently, I'm a burgeoning Agnostic, a gatherer of mama-friends, a driver of a mini-van, a pilot's wife, a schlepper of 2 rowdy boys, a vegi-curious omnivore and an occasional enjoyer of crafty endeavors when I have more than a few minutes of peace.


homebirth, feminism, 80s post punk/new wave, indie rock, Brit-pop, writers who get the female experience, magazines like Brain Child, Bust, and Bitch, beading jewelry, crochet, keeping the Netflix queue above 300